Selling Success By The Numbers

Is there a formula for selling success? Actually, I think selling success by the numbers is the way to go. More about this in a minute. greatpeople me

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a 15-year-old boy named Nicky Bronner.

The kid just loves eating candy. On the other hand his parents thought he was overdoing it.

In fact, two years ago they threw away half of the Halloween candy he collected.

He wasn’t happy about this.

His father tried explaining how the ingredients could actually cause health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

So he did extensive research on the Internet and found out his father was actually right about the potential health problems.

So he did what any ordinary 15-year-old boy would do. He set out to unjunk candy snacks.

He named his company “Unreal Brands.”

He was entering a $31 billion candy market, at the age of 15.

His startup company now has 19 employees. His father, a very successful entrepreneur, helped him start the business.

Looks like he’s off to a good start because within a couple of months his candy will be on the shelves in Target, Kroger’s, BJ’s, and CVS Caremark.

Don’t even think little Nicky is lucky.

He’s selling by the numbers – his numbers.

And so can you!

Here are five things Nicky is doing that you can adapt to your business to help you improve your sales productivity.

1. Be original. Have an original idea or at the very least an original approach to selling your products. Don’t be an imitation be yourself.

2. Be different. Avoid blending in with your competition. Do everything you can to stand out from them. Remember, even little differences can add up to a big difference.

3. Be passionate. Having lots of experience is good. Having lots of product knowledge is good. Having a quick mind is good. You will sell a whole lot more when you start showing your passion for your products and your company. I believe it’s the ultimate differentiator.

4. Be relentless. How many times should you fail before you give up? How many times did Edison fail in his attempt to invent the first electric light bulb? Never, never give up!

5. Be bold. Take the chances most people avoid because of their fear of failure. One of the reasons I started my company 24 years ago this month, was because I dreaded saying these things on my deathbed. “If only” and “It might have been.”

I might add that Nicky knows a little bit about Buzz-selling too.

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